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ABOUT Jan Manas Vikas Sansthan

Mr. Ashok kumar Srivastava is a lawyer and have effected with the scheduled cast community[ poor community in utter Pradesh India] as they living below poverty line area and his thought to work arrised in the poor people and think how they can better living and sanitary conditions may be better as well as heathy conditions may be upgraded so he formed a non governmental organization

Jann Manas Vikas Sansthan (JMVS) means in English as a whole human development in India. The organization was formed in 1988 and a group of lawyers interested in social work was established.Mr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava's wife Srimati Asha Srivastava was interested in serving the poor. Basically, it formed self - help groups and trained the group from 1990 for marketing its own products such as ambroudry.She trained cast girls for their marketing by organizing exhibition in India. The result came and cast girls upgraded their lives and their families in economic conditions.Ms. Srivastava awarded items manufactured by their SHGs at different places in India.

The further progress of JMVS found in rural development activities in Utter Pradesh Hardoy Dist. Mr Srivastava try to visit Embessoder of Japan Government that he should be visited in the poor drinking water supply in scheduled cast communities. The Government of Japan appreciated work of JMVS and found the interference in the scheduled cast villages of the hardoy dist in Utter Pradesh.It was a real intervention of the instances and selected and selected the villages 50. They used hard water from open wheels and the diariya was observed.And there was disentry in the area and the number of patients in the area was seen due to unsafe drinking water.

The JMVS also constructed number of worksheets in the different areas that was being awarded to women master craftman that is 300 worksheets specially for feeling the gap on craftman working place in the villages. Then Ministry of RD Government of India has issued a big project of RBC as training agency to construct worksheets, houses on innovative basis.

The JMVS also engaged from long time to help agriculture furtinity of the villages of the India by trained people producing organic fertilizer with help of mix combination of Green leaves and other residue of agriculture feeds with the combination of mud. This project was successful in the villages in India. Because this project was economically fit.

The other problem in India was that 40%-60% of young people were unemployed due to the lack of skill in their work. And the movement began through our organization in 2014, when the organization intervened in the urban areas for the states of the India such as Jharkhand ,UP , Delhi, Uttrakhand etc.

The other activities were attracted by JMVS to raise awareness in cancer patients about the lives of cancer patients due to the involvement of a good medical practitioner. In India, a major problem in early stage JMVS cancer patients is working on cancer patients, including medical facilities.











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